The aim of Ferrara Design is to spread the culture of beauty. A real, natural beauty, that kind of beauty which is able to enrich your soul.
When we get to discover this kind of beauty, what is beautiful is, somehow, good too. Or, we may say, it makes us feel good. What is beautiful gives us happiness, serenity, optimism and good feelings.

Dario Cervellati, CEO Ferrara Design

Think about a sunny day. Think how beautiful art can be. And while you think about that, you’ll find you are thinking about Italy. Maybe you can think how often Italy is used to talk about beauty. Our landscapes, our cities, our monuments, the “Made in Italy” design and, not to forget our homes.

Ferrara Design wants to share the Italian culture of beautiful homes with the whole world. We want to share Italian taste for beauty and it we makes it by adding a “special something” to what our eyes look at most of the time during a day. Think about how many hours we spend living in a room: it may be an office or our house. And the wider surface always standing before our eyes is represented by the walls.

There we are: Ferrara Design wants everyone to have the chance to see the beauty Italy can offer, every day.